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Treat Yourself with Arctic Treats

Arctic Treats is based in Kalix- in the part of the country where the elements of nature play an important role in everyday life; its flavors give Arctic Treats products its authenticity and quality. Arctic Treats was established in 2017 by Åsa Andersson Ulvede a chocolate and nature loving person originally from Stockholm. Arctic Treats consists of a praline workshop open all year round and a chocolate café by the River Kalix open on some weekends during the winter season. The company also offers group activities, workshops, Arctic Fika and lovely local flavors.

Everything at Arctic Treats is made of pure love for the arctic region, real chocolate, true joy and genuine ingredients. Plants and berries that are handpicked in the nature outside Kalix in Swedish Lapland, are mixed with high quality chocolate and handmade in to pralines. Sea Buckthorn, Lingonberry caramel and Rubus Arcticus will give you a taste of the forest, the archipelago and the fields of the Arctic Region.

 Arctic Treats will give you that warm welcome feeling in the middle of the winter!